Need a Vehicle on the Other Side of the Country? Ship It!

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Have you ever been driving along the highway and passed one of those giant trucks with a bunch of cars stacked across the frame in the back? What do you suppose those are for? I always thought that they were just car dealers getting their new stock delivered.

1. Why

When you see that truck ship a car or shipping heavy equipment, it is not always just for car dealers. Individual people hire dependable auto shipping companies all the time. It could be that they are moving across the country and ATV shipping rates are cheaper than renting a trailer, or it could be that someone bought a car online from four states over, and they need it delivered.

2. Where

You can get your vehicle shipped anywhere. As mentioned before, you can go a state up, or all the way from coast to coast. The best part is that auto and ATV shipping rates are cheaper than gas nowadays. So not only are you saving money by not having to buy gas every few hours, the vehicle is actually safer being transported packed and secured up on the truck.

3. How

Do a quick search online. It is that simple. You can find the closest company to you, or see what company is going to have a truck near the vehicle that needs picking up. Most of the company websites will have calculators for how much the trek will come out to be. But if you do not have to have it in a set time frame, and you can get the vehicle on the ruck with other vehicles, you will end up saving even more.

Aside from the service fees for just hauling the vehicle, you also pay for mileage and gas. But, the more people using the services at the time, the more people the gas and mileage are split among. So if you want the truck to yourself, you are paying quite a bit. But if there are seven other cars on the transport, then mileage and gas gets split eight ways. Everyone wins.

Auto shipping is an absolute possibility if you need to get your car somewhere that you cannot be. If you have a big move coming up and just want to ship your belongings there, you might as well ship your vehicle as well, and enjoy a nice, relaxing flight in style, instead of 36 hours in a car. Links like this:

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