Help for Dropped Welfare Recipients? Three Ways That Community Legal Services Lend a Hand

Community legal services

Did you know that, although the Supreme Court has declared that defendants accused of a crime have a right to a public defender, this does not extend to individuals caught up in civil disputes? There are many reasons people reach out to Community Legal Services Inc. in Philadelphia. Not only can they provide quality advice and assistance, but they also can provide legal services to people who would otherwise be unable to afford it. What has CLS been up to lately? Here are three recent news stories regarding their organization.

1. Making the Safety Net More Visible

The NYTimes recently covered a story about how many of the country’s poor are unaware of the options and safety net available to them by the government. Gladys James, for example, is a 92 year old former seamstress that ha Continue reading “Help for Dropped Welfare Recipients? Three Ways That Community Legal Services Lend a Hand”

How Can Dental Care Benefit Your Child?

Sedation and implant dentistry

Did you know that most toothbrushes have more than 25,000 bristles? Even though brushing can help clean teeth, a dentist is often needed to more effectively treat them. However, some people suffer from odontophobia, or fear of the dentist. Children can suffer from this phobia, as well, but it is important for them to receive dental work because it will help prevent future oral health problems. Children dental care can greatly benefit kids, but there are some cosmetic treatment options that are unavailable to them.

Children dental care is important because it starts children off with beautiful, healthy smiles at a young age Continue reading “How Can Dental Care Benefit Your Child?”