Understand Which Phone Services Are Right For Your Business

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Typical Texas business or commercial telephone systems come complete with the essentials… hold music, call transferring and forwarding and voice mail. And features always vary depending on the specific phone. With three different options for businesses, it’s important to understand that telephone systems that a business chooses should be reflection of your businesses size and goals.

If your are a smaller business (is it possible for anything to be small in Texas?) small business phone systems would be practical. A company that has a very small number of employees might not reap the benefits of multiline telephone systems complete with phones, wire, jacks and other hardware, and a central control Continue reading “Understand Which Phone Services Are Right For Your Business”

Sick of Ordering New Contacts? LASIK Might be a Good Alternative

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In 1999, the FDA approved the first ever excimer laser to be used for LASIK eye treatments. Since then, it has become a popular alternative to glasses and contacts. While there are lots of benefits, the fact that LASIK patients will no longer have to deal with things like cleaning lenses, misplacing their glasses, or forgetting to take contacts out before going to sleep can add lots of value to the process beyond simply seeing clearly. But convenience is hardly the only reason to invest in LASIK. After undergoing eye LASIK surgery, 90% of patients are able to reach their desired vision.

The schematics and technical details of LASIK eye treatments are complicated, and most patients really do not understand exactly what is happening, Continue reading “Sick of Ordering New Contacts? LASIK Might be a Good Alternative”

Why Home Window Repair Matters

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Everyone loves windows. Research suggests that exposure to sunlight has a positive effect on peoples’ physical and mental well being. Lack of sunlight can also contribute to seasonal effective disorder, a mood disorder characterized by a lack of energy and mild depression. While windows are important, it is sometimes necessary to cover them with blinds. Blinds can block out sunlight, allowing us to sleep through day light hours and giving us privacy.

The earliest windows were just holes cut into walls. These windows were covered with animal hides, cloth, or wood to keep out the sunlight. These are the earliest examples of what would eventually become blinds. Today, blinds are much more sophisticated, offering more control, greater safety, easier installation, better blockage of sunlight and more.

Desp Continue reading “Why Home Window Repair Matters”

Doctors Express Newark in Newark California


Doctors Express Newark

5763 Stevenson Boulevard

Newark, California 94560



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Doctors Express Newark is a walk in urgent care clinic. Our experienced onsite Doctors will treat virtually any non life threatening symptom. Common areas of treatment include ear pain, sore throats, cuts, sinus pain, x-rays, allergies and much more.