How to Visit an Incarcerated Person on Video

Virtual visitation

Prisons and jails are intimidating places. For the families of the incarcerated, however, video visitation systems greatly improves the quality of life. Both the prisoner and the family benefit from virtual visitation systems in prisons. In fact, you can even visit an incarcerated loved one from the comfort of your own home.

Video visitation is the use of video conferencing or CCTV systems and software to allow inmates and visitors to visit at a distance, as opposed to face to face. On that note, video visitation systems reduce the amount of manpower needed to conduct visits, because it reduces the movement of inmates. Furthermore, visitation technology puts the burden of scheduling and visiting on family and friends, instead of the actual prison or jail facility.

The use of digital videoconferencing equipment has actually allowed facilities to use technology already in use by businesses in the world in order to better manage, expand and support video visitation to auxiliary applications like telemedicine, video pleas and arraignments, and distance learning.

Overall, before virtual visitation systems were created, people would have to either brave the prison scene or forgo prisoner visitations altogether. Fortunately, because there are virtual servers at prisons and virtual visitation systems, people can visit inmates whenever they want. They just need a computer and an internet connection. At the end of the day, however, virtual visitation systems make visiting incarcerated persons easier for all parties involved. The prison benefits, the prisoner benefits, and the visitors benefit, all because the process is simplified. Refernce materials.

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