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Let the Professionals Do Water and Fire Damage Restoration

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Mold remediation tampa

One of the most common issues facing homeowners is water damage that may require water and fire damage restoration services. Leaks are one of the most prevalent causes of water damage. This is because the average residential home looses approximately 14 percent of the water delivered to the home to leaks. Should these leaks go undetected or unrepaired, it can require water and fire damage restoration services

Additionally, homeowners need to take other steps to prevent water damage that can result in mold growth. There are more than 30,000 types of mold. Mold like to grow in humid spaces that do not have a lot of ventilation. To prevent hazardous molds from growing in your living space, you should take care of spaces that have been damaged by water. Using water and fire damage restoration can help thi

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

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Make a brochure in word

With over 112 billion dollars of printing done every year in the United States, the question of offset printing vs digital printing is still debated today. With offset printing producing a low maintenance form of sharp, clean images and type for brochures, books, newspapers, and magazines, it was the most popular way to print commercially in the 1950s. However, the rise of digital printing solutions has made printing easier for desktop publishing in a world dominated by computers. Depending on what is being printed, one form may be more appropriate than the other.

Offset printing is still relevant in society because 51 percent of Americans say they still enjoy reading. This type of printing

Is Your Business Managing It’s Mobile Devices Properly?

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Desktop management

Mobile computing is very quickly turning very quickly into the number one source where people receive information on a day to day basis. This is a very huge advantage for employers who need to stay in regular contact with their employees and many companies issue phones purely for business purposes. An individual may have a phone that they pay for personal use and another paid for by the company to do business on. This is where mobile device management comes in.

Just because a phone or tablet has been issues by a company does not mean it is immune from being lost or stolen. The data on these phones can be highly sensitive and there may be hundreds of these devices use by a company at any given time, so Continue Reading No Comments

Oakwood Village in Auburn CA

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Oakwood Village

3388 Bell Road

Auburn, CA 95603


(530) 889-8122

Local Business Picture

Oakwood Village offers Specialized Dementia, Alzheimers, and memory loss care in addition to our assisted living and respite care.

Oakwood Village was voted “Best of the Best” by readers of the Auburn Journal 2012!

Oakwood Village Assisted Living Community is a retirement home in Auburn, CA that offers specialized supportive care for active seniors as well as those with memory loss. The moment you enter Oakwood Village you will feel the caring that defines our quality adult retirement community. We offer a wide range of services for meeting senior housing residents’ day to day needs. Our specialized Dementia Care program offers a nurturing environment with staff trained to foster moments to remember. Our peaceful setting is enhanced by our restaurant style dining, free senior transportation, a stimulating senior activity program as well as clean senior rental apartments. Our residents will tell you they appreciate all these options and more while living at Oakwood Village. The staff at Oakwood Village prides itself on respecting the privacy and individuality of our residents while at the same time creating a real sense of community. You can maintain the same independent lifestyle you have always enjoyed, plus have the opportunity to connect with your peers, participate in activities, and even form lasting friendships. Experience for yourself what sets Oakwood Village apart from other senior care properties. Find out why the Auburn community has supported us since 1995.