Is Your Business Managing It’s Mobile Devices Properly?

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Mobile computing is very quickly turning very quickly into the number one source where people receive information on a day to day basis. This is a very huge advantage for employers who need to stay in regular contact with their employees and many companies issue phones purely for business purposes. An individual may have a phone that they pay for personal use and another paid for by the company to do business on. This is where mobile device management comes in.

Just because a phone or tablet has been issues by a company does not mean it is immune from being lost or stolen. The data on these phones can be highly sensitive and there may be hundreds of these devices use by a company at any given time, so iphone security is paramount. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has in fact done a survey of a thousand different consumers that showed that one in five will use an iPad for business purposes. This device may not be issued by the company as many business institute a policy of BYOD or bring your own device which means one has access a vast array of company information from their own device. Many employ AES, the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm, a data scrambling system that was first published in 1998. In 2001 it was adopted as a U.S. Government standard. Businesses use this system because it is considered unbreakable, though a number of attacks have tried.

This BYOD model works advantageously in a number of ways. First, the company saves money buy not having to buy devices and spend to subscribe them. It is also up to the employee to take care of the matter if the device is lost as it is their own personal property. This has become popular in classrooms as it is a benefit to both the school districts and the students. An industry framework known as Desktop Management Interface is used to manage both hardware and software in a business that runs on a BYOD model.

iPhone management as well as other device security is key when accessing sensitive business information. Consider the fact that 30 percent of all mobile subscribers in the United States come from business mobile users. It is reasons like this why mobile device management is necessary to keep any business running smoothly.

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