Avoid These Common Forklift Safety Mistakes

Watch this video to learn the common forklift mistakes you should avoid in workplace accidents. You have just been given an opportunity for forklift attachment at a construction site as you add skill to your education when advancing your career. Don’t allow the excitement to carry you because forklifts cause accidents when handled carelessly.

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OSHA estimates that 70% of all forklift accidents in the US are preventable with proper training. It will reduce 85 deaths yearly in the workplace.

The first mistake you must not make is to ignore proper training. Training can prevent accidents because it equips you to do the right thing. 42% of forklift fatalities are caused by tip-overs from overloading. Elevated loads on uneven surfaces and slopes will cause fatal accidents; avoid the mistake of ignoring stability. Ignoring malfunctions and lack of inspection to ensure the hydraulic belts function properly is another grave mistake that leads to fatalities. Ignoring the rules of safe driving, which include speed limits and blind spots is another thing most people do with cars and end up with avoidable fatal accidents. Finally, the forklift should have safety equipment like a fire extinguisher, the movement areas must be well marked.

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