When it Comes to Medical Records, How Secure is Texting?

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One of the biggest growing concerns in the healthcare industry today is the issue of secure communications. Employees have begun bringing in their own mobile devices for work, including smartphones and tablets. The question about these devices is and will continue to be, how secure are they? How secure is texting? How secure are healthcare mobile apps?

Now that everything has gone mobile, so, too, can your health care. There are a number of mobile health apps that can be easily downloaded on a smartphone or tablet to help a doctor compete his or her job. However, this might include the mobile sharing or accessing of sensitive healthcare information. How secure are my records? How secure is texting? The question of HIPAA comes in to play here.

HIPAA is an acronym for the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It was enacted by the United States Congress in 1996 and signed by President Bill Clinton. HIPAA established in Title II a set of national standards for electronic healthcare transactions. Now that database virtualization is so prominent, electronic medical record keeping and health insurance plans have all become digital data.

Now, two decades later, information can be shared instantly, creating issues regarding HIPAA email and HIPAA secure texting. How secure is texting is an age of digital healthcare sharing? It is a valid question to ask. For viable mobile healthcare solutions, we can look at the Netherlands, which has already digitized its medical records completely. That nation currently has 99 percent participation in electronic medical record keeping.

The easiest way to ensure safety and stability is to enforce the use of HIPAA compliant emails and texting. How secure is texting? How secure is texting in a world of HIPAA compliant digital sharing? In short, very. Just look to Medicaid for ways to maximize e-sharing of records.

Medicaid is leading how other sectors can streamline their processes electronically. You fill out one form, and the electronic process routes you to the most appropriate program without tons of paperwork. Electronic applications like this can make it secure and easy for information to be transferred.

So how secure is email, how secure is texting in the HIPAA landscape? Right now, relatively safe. But there is always room for improvement. Get more here.

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