Using Mobile Technology in Business

Android in the enterprise

With increasing technology constantly outstripping obsolete business practices, many companies are trying to stay ahead of the game by instituting policies such as BYOD, cloud based management and security protocols, and more. Some estimate that more than half of smartphones used in a business setting will be owned by the employees who work there due to the BYOD (bring your own device) policies that many companies are adopting. Because these devices are used for both personal and business concerns, security is a significant worry for many corporations, especially those who deal with sensitive information in the medical or financial field.

Android device management, a software developed by Google, can assuage worries about protecting proprietary and client information when using android in the enterprise. This mobile device management system is based in the cloud, allowing IT managers to see the number of devices that are active, which version of the operating system is being utilized, and insert or remove information as needed. Android management over the cloud can be secure for any and all sensitive information, scalable to the size of your business and number of devices, and convenient for the IT manager and department in their maintenance of these things. The Android security model can help to make android in the enterprise and BYOD a feasible and secure manner of conducting business.

Employees may not feel that android in the enterprise and BYOD policies is in their best interest, as they want to maintain a separation between work and personal life, but there are many programs and software that allow employees to maintain their privacy while still taking advantage of the convenience of android in the enterprise. Read this for more.

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