Wheelchairs Can Completely Change Your Mobility in Ways You Did Not Realize

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After my Mom had surgery, the day to day operation of our lives changed way more than I thought it would. I found myself looking online to get help with modifications to our home and to our cars. I looked for “car lift Virginia,” “stair lift Virginia,” “wheelchair lift virginia,” “wheelchair ramp Virginia,” and all different kinds of localized searches to get the help that my family needed.

The doctor had told us some facts, but I suppose I had not internalized what these meant, and how they would affect mine and the life of my family. He explained to us that a wheelchair lift, which is also known as a platform lift, is a powered device, usually with a power rating of around 250 watts for their drive motors, that is designed to help raise a wheelchair and its occupant. These stair lifts are also known as either chair lifts or stair gliders, and are invaluable to a handicapped person.

It all sounded expensive, so when I brought the issue of money up, he explained that some wheelchair accessible vans use a power lift to help the occupant board, but a wheelchair ramp is usually less expensive and can perform the same job. These are often installed on minivans, too.

Plus, there was also the question of even getting into the house. The doctor handed us a pamphlet all about it, which explained that we could secure rails for wheelchair platform stairlifts to the step fixings.

Our insurance did cover a lot of this, which was a big help. I do not think that if it were not for the help of our doctor and that insurance money, my family would have kept it together. I am eternally grateful for their help. And I am also eternally grateful for the company from the “wheelchair ramp virginia” google list that I had found. That “wheelchair ramp Virginia” company was both friendly, helpful and affordable.

Have any of you readers found a company like my “wheelchair ramp virginia” company who helped your family out in a time of need? What was the “wheelchair ramp Virginia” company for you like? Please comment and share your stories about your own “wheelchair ramp Virginia” company.

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