Keep Your Identity Protected While Shopping Online

Secure internet shopping

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) now sends out alerts to their customers about ‘smishing’ texts. These texts are scams that can make it easy for identity thieves to steal ones personal or business bank and credit card numbers, as well as their social security number and other highly confidential info. Those wondering is it secure to shop online or not will be relieved to know that they can still long on a shop.

The allude of online shopping is easy to understand. It can be fun, convenient and much less stressful than having to drive out to several different stores. Like everything else in life however, there are dangers that come along with it that people should be aware of. By keeping several safe shopping online tips in mind, anyone can make sure that they do not fall victim to identity theft.

While some of these safe shopping online tips may seem like common sense at this point, there are still people out there who forget them. People should never send their credit card or social security number out over an email, a text message or an online chat program of some kind, as it may be intercepted by a hacker or identity thief.

Other safe shopping online tips for people that are interested in secure internet shopping involve checking for some kind of verification software on the businesses website. Shoppers can also make sure that they website does not have any complaints on websites like If businesses are associated with larger companies, or a member of the Better Business Bureau, that is also a great sign.

Any online safety guide will give ways to check if a company is legitimate. A good way to find out quickly, is to look for an address and telephone number on the website. Companies that are trying to scam people will often times not have a real address. Safe online shopping can be enjoyed by anyone, as long as they keep these safety tips in mind.

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