How Camo Will Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Camo truck wraps

There is nothing quite like the experience of hunting. You suit up, load your gear, and head to the woods for some quality time with Mother Nature. It is part of who you are, and you want everyone to know it. You proudly wear your camouflage jacket when you meet up with friends and they know what kind of person you are. If you are lucky enough, you have met someone who gets you like no other and you’re ready to take the next big step with them, but you want to do it your way. Sure, you could have a cookie cutter wedding in all black and white, but that has been done a billion times. How can you make the experience your own? Keep reading for some great camo wedding ideas.

We first got the idea for camouflage from the animal kingdom. Zoologists have been studying this for upwards of a hundred years. The seemingly random spots on giraffes, for example, actually mimic the shadows light makes when it comes through tree branches. It wasn’t long before man adopted this tactic for his own purposes. As early as the Napoleonic Wars, British Soldiers started wearing dark green jackets to blend in with their surroundings.

Since then, we have adapted camo to help us blend in to any environment, from the forest to the desert to snow. Technologically advanced fabrics even reflect infrared light, providing extra cover from night vision goggles. These advancements are not just for the military though. Due to their obvious benefits for hunters, they’ve become a lifestyle indicator. It is a mark of pride for many to wear camo clothing, have camo truck accessories, camo bathing suits, and even camo purses.

With this relatively new fashion trend, it is not hard to see why some are even incorporating camo formal wear into their weddings. Camo wedding ideas make for a fun, personally expressive celebration where you don’t have to pretend you’re someone else. There is a wide variety of camo formal wear that will make you and your wedding party truly stand out. Under your tux you can have a vest, tie, cummerbund, and even suspenders that all have that distinct camouflage pattern. It’s formal. It’s Rugged. It’s you.

But what about the bride? Whether you’re really into hunting too, or you just want to match, there are camo wedding ideas for you too. You can choose garters, ribbons, wedding albums, candle holders, and wine glasses that allow you to coordinate on every level.

Whether you are trying to hide or make a statement, camouflage has a way of suiting your needs. There’s no reason not to consider this when planning your wedding. It’s your day, so you should tailor it to who you are.

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