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Connecticut health insurance

Connecticut is one state that adopted early a health insurance policy known as a marketplace, or Connecticut health insurance exchange, wherein individuals of small businesses can purchase CT health insurance. This program, signed into legislation by Gov. Malloy in 2011 was renamed Access Health CT in 2013. It serves as a blueprint for other states interested in learning more about CT health insurance exchange in the hopes of adopting their own health insurance marketplace.

The concept of the CT health insurance exchange came about in conjunction with the Affordable Health Care Act, which requires states to create health exchanges as a way for people to receive competitive health insurance, either independently or through an employer. By 2019, it is estimated that exchanges will serve a larger role and millions of Americans will have affordable insurance. The CT health insurance exchange serves as a major way for people to get the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

If designed well, exchanges such as the CT health insurance will allow people and small businesses access to one stop shopping, where they can compare and buy the right insurance policies. This will allow customers more control and force transparency among providers and medical institutions. The Connecticut health insurance exchange can even help people enroll in programs through their Connecticut health insurance provider. The marketplace allows access to a greater pool which generates competition and paves the way for greater policies with lower prices.

Currently, there are two kinds of Ct health insurance exchanges. There are those for individuals, ad small business health options. The ACA takes most responsibility for operating the exchange program and with the help of the federal government, minimum standards are set. Individual states can are required to adopt the exchange program, and implement their own standards. Within the CT health insurance exchange, individual and business exchanges can merge or even partner with other states to form a region exchange, or sometimes even create multiple exchanges within the state.

There are many different aspects of the CT health insurance exchange program that people and businesses will need to understand, such as how individuals or businesses will buy insurance in an exchange, what the exchanges will offer, what everyone’s responsibility is, how to coordinate exchanges, how an exchange might affect Medicare benefits and more.
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