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Camouflage Is Being Used To Stand Out, Not Just Blend In Anymore

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Cheap camo bedding

When you hear camouflage you probably think of hunting or the military. Camouflage is actually used by animals, hunters, military vehicles, soldiers and other objects. The purpose of camouflage is to blend in with the environment or to resemble something else. The word camouflage comes from the French word camoufler, which means to blind or veil. Today camouflage is used in accessories such as camo bathing suits, camo bedding, camouflage cloothing, and camo wedding gowns among other things.

During the second World War every nation began to camouflage any target. This was because the power of aerial observation and attack was increasing. Replacing the musket with a rifle made personal concealment during battle easier. This is

Finding the Right Tools, and Tool Setters, for the Job

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Tool presetters

Most people know that there are a lot of tools used in machine shops. However, many people who do not work in the industry may not be aware of the use of tool setters and presetters in most shops. Tool setters and tool presetters are important, and are necessary for the safe and efficient operation of CNC machines.

Job shops can save time by using a presetter to measure independent tools away from the machines. There are medium and high end presetters which can measure the shape of a tools dimensions, angles, radius and offset. Using a tool p

Arocha Design-Build in Midland Texas

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Arocha Design-Build

1003 Denton Street

Midland, Texas 79703



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Arocha Design-Build, Inc. is an established homebuilder specializing in building spacious, custom homes and home remodeling throughout the area.

Arocha Design-Build offers complete design and construction services with a focus on home construction, remodeling and additions. We create inspiring spaces using innovative processes and materials. For each project, we strive to incorporate the client’s needs into the context of the site and neighborhood.