Finding the Right Tools, and Tool Setters, for the Job

Tool presetters

Most people know that there are a lot of tools used in machine shops. However, many people who do not work in the industry may not be aware of the use of tool setters and presetters in most shops. Tool setters and tool presetters are important, and are necessary for the safe and efficient operation of CNC machines.

Job shops can save time by using a presetter to measure independent tools away from the machines. There are medium and high end presetters which can measure the shape of a tools dimensions, angles, radius and offset. Using a tool presetter usually saves enough money in reduced downtime and increased efficiency to pay for itself in about six months.

The rebound of the United States economy after the recession in 2008 has been led in large by manufacturing. Due to the high costs of shipping, poor quality product, and rising labor costs associated with offshoring, reshoring is becoming more popular. Reshoring is when jobs and manufacturing which have been previously offshored return to the place of origin.

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