Why is Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure important?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has arrived and geospatial service opportunities are a big part of it. 4IR is a technological revolution born from new and innovative technologies like 5G, big data, advanced robotics, miniaturization, and artificial intelligence. This has led to new possibilities like real-time data and better analytical information-gathering.

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All of these changes are transforming the digital ecosystem in its inherent behaviors, collaborations, and policies.

Geospatial service has become increasingly crucial to the digital ecosystem. As the digital ecosystem has continued to develop, it’s revealed a need to take advantage of automation, dynamicity, and real-time information delivery. Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure (GKI) attempts to build geospatial and general purpose technology into a foundational component of the 4IR economy. It uses data, technology, policies, and individuals to ensure the best use of geospatial intelligence and knowledge in the general ecosystem.

In the current technological era, a large amount of knowledge and automation hinge on geospatial service capabilities. GKI makes geospatial knowledge important to everyone. It does this by building a next-generation system of integrated formats, organizations, and disciplines organized in a way that makes it easy to use. With the current environment that’s emerged from 4IR, geospatial knowledge and technology have become more important than ever.


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