This Mod Adds Loot Bags to Minecraft

A traditional trope of videogames is being able to plunder loot from downed enemies. Minecraft is no different. Players can harvest any number of useful materials from monsters that they have slain. For example, a creeper drops gunpowder and a skeleton drops bones. However, this system is a little too simple for some.

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That is why one modder created the mod known as Wandering Bag. This mod makes it so pillagers, wandering traders, and witches all have a chance of dropping loot bags. This is a great way to spice up your Minecraft server. Minecraft server hosting is a great way to enjoy mods with friends.

While many mods have attempted to add loot bags into the game, none have done so quite like Wandering Bag. These bags can drop genuinely helpful items. In fact, they also have a small chance of dropping a rare artifact. There are 20 artifacts to collect and each provides the user with a special ability. For example, one artifact is a potion that provides a positive status affect depending on what the user needs the most at that moment. This mod truly makes the game more exciting.


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