Whats the Difference Between Flat Roof Overlay and a Flat Roof Repair?

This video by Aaron at Exterior Pro Roofing discusses the difference between a flat overlay and repair in commercial roofing.

Why Overlay?

A flat roof overlay is done when the surface has aged or has leaks that are beyond simple repair. This isn’t done automatically. The commercial roofing technicians perform a risk-reward analysis for the customer.

Video Source

This details the overlay’s return on investment over a basic patch job.

Generally, an overlay is a less expensive alternative to ripping the roof off and starting over. With this process, the existing infrastructure is maintained as well as the insulation. Thus, the building isn’t exposed during the lengthy tear-off process.

Overall, a new membrane is installed and secured over the existing commercial roofing structure. This has a 20-year warranty that covers leaks as well as technician errors. This doesn’t guarantee that the original structure won’t fall apart. However, it keeps your interior from being exposed while those repairs are made.

If you have leaks in your roof, contact a specialist to determine if an overlay is needed over a repair.


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