Is it Better to hire a DUI Attorney or Plea Guilty?

This video is for people who have received charges for DUI. It addresses individuals who wonder if they should hire a DUI attorney to represent them or plead guilty. The main thing to remember is that not hiring an attorney will cause the case to end with a guilty conviction.

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The individual who pleads guilty admits that he or she operated a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and his or her blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit. That might not end well for the accused party, because some states are severely strict about DUI and will even send people to jail for a first offense.

On the other hand, the DUI attorney will make the other side work for that conviction. They will have to prove that the defendant was operating a vehicle with an illegal level of alcohol in the blood. The case could get thrown out if the arresting officer did not read the defendant his or her rights. The attorney will also request proof that solidifies that the defendant did what the accuser accused him or her of. Therefore, the case may not end with a guilty charge. Even if it does, a seasoned attorney could negotiate a lighter consequence for the defendant.


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