How to Build Pergolas

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Pergolas are shading structures that offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition for any home and patio. This video explains how to assemble a pergola in one hour.

You will need six 4x4x8 posts, 2 4x4x10 posts, a few drills, a lot of brackets, and some help. You don’t need a saw or anything. Just get the correct length posts and you are good to go. Also, make sure you’re working on a flat surface.

Align the posts with your toja grid brackets and assemble the frame top with 4 posts and 4 brackets. Make sure your lumber isn’t warped or cracked, or you will be dealing with a lot of issues down the line.

Secure the toja brackets to the lumber beams with 4 screws each. Then attach your sail shade hooks if you are adding a shade. Secure the shade to the top of the frame, and insert the four remaining posts. Secure these with screws and your pergola is ready to go!

Pergolas are great to create a relaxing zone with plenty of shade. Get some outdoor furniture, and maybe even a grill and fridge to get a fully loaded summer hangout spot. To learn more, click on the video above.

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