The Differences Between Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture

Most people didn’t even know that there was a difference between landscape design and landscape architecture. But, there is a huge difference and this video thoroughly explains the differences between these two fields. Yes, they deal with the same thing, landscape, but everything from education to their job is completely different.

One of the major differences between these two jobs is the education that goes into it. A landscape architect must have a four-year Bachelors’s degree in science and landscape architecture, then work as an apprentice under a professional landscape architect for a specific amount of time before you can get your license.

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Landscape designers don’t need a license as a landscape architect would. A person really only needs a landscape design certification in order to start working on basic projects.

Both of these jobs are in high demand as people will always need landscaping done on their properties. Design is a much easier track for people but may yield worse results than an architect. If you are willing to go to a university and study landscape architecture, then go for it because it is a rewarding job.


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