The Different Types of Fire Loss and Restoration

If you are considering expanding your company into the fire restoration sector this video can be eye-opening. Many people do not realize that fire restoration can be a very lucrative add-on service to their business and it does not always mean rebuilding a structure.

There are three different types of restoration work. A big myth is that to start this type of business you have to have construction experience and have a contractor’s license to provide the service.

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This video dispels some of the myths about what it takes to offer this type of service. The information contained here can be valuable to any small business that wants to expand into this sector but thinks that it may be too specialized for their business. Learn about what restoration work really takes by watching this video.

This video is focused on teaching people with cleaning or janitorial businesses that can add this service to their service menu. There is a large market for this type of service and this video shows you how you can get into the market. Watch the video now.

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