Tactics Defense Lawyers Use

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Defense lawyers have a toolbelt of skills to draw upon in the courtroom to win arguments or discredit information. This video shows some of these tricks and how you can use them in your own arguments.

One tactic is to ask questions where the obvious answer is “yes”. After a series of these “yes” questions, you can present them with the question you think they will try to deny.

They may be thrown off since they were in a rhythm of saying yes, or a jury may imply the answer should be yes.

Another tactic is to not say anything at all. This allows for an uncomfortable silence that a person being questioned or argued with will want to fill with more talk.

People like to talk, and you can draw a good amount of information out of them simply by watching them in an expectant manner.

Using analogies can also be beneficial in a questioning context. If you use one context and get someone to agree with you, you can switch the context to theirs and see if they still say the same thing.

To learn more about the tactics and tricks that lawyers use in the courtroom, click on the link to the video above.

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