A Plumber the Things You Need in An Emergency Plumbing Kit

Before you call an emergency plumber, there is one thing you need to know how to do yourself. That is how to turn off the main source of water to your home. Learning how to turn off your main water valve in an emergency is the key to saving you thousands of dollars in water damage repair costs.

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Being able to turn off the main valve means being able to stop any plumbing issue right in its tracks, no matter how big it is. If you don’t know where your main water valve is, right now is a really good time to find it. At the very least, as a homeowner, you should know where it is and understand how to use it.

To build your at-home plumbing toolkit, you’ll need a few key items. The first of which is a wrench. When you’re fixing plumbing, a wrench can come in handy while securing or tightening any bolts or pipes. Screwdrivers are also a great tool for your kit. They’re very versatile and can be used in many scenarios. To learn more about what should be in your toolkit, watch the provided video.


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