Basics of Electrical Service Panel

Many people have experienced a blown fuse in their house. This usually is a simple fix of turning the specific fuse off then back on. There are many more things that an electrical service panel does and in this video, you will learn some of the basics.

It’s important for homeowners to understand what they can and can’t touch within an electrical panel. Learning this will help you save some money because you may not have to call electrical services if you can identify and fix the problem yourself.

The video goes on to show what a three-wire system looks like. There are typically a black wire on one side, a red, and a white wire on the other side.

Video Source

Both the black and red wires are known as “hot conductors” which means they are bringing in 120 Volts. The white wire is called the neutral conductor which means it is grounded and completes the electric loop.

Continue watching this video to learn even more information about an electrical panel. He uses a typical panel that can be found in just about every residential home. So pay close attention to what he talks about because you don’t want to touch the wrong thing and accidentally shock yourself.


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