The Decontamination Process Explained

It is important to understand how decontamination services work because they are vital to the safety of the public in general. These services can make an area safe or can clean tools for reuse. In this video, you will learn about the decontamination process as it pertains to cleaning tools and instruments.

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You will most often see this process take place in hospitals or labs. Without process, tools will need to be thrown out, so it allows for the saving of money and resources.

The instruments will need to be both cleaned and disinfected. This is very important and both steps much be adhered to. In addition, the steps must be performed in a specific order. That is, cleaning must always happen before disinfecting. Where this decontamination takes place is in its own area that is separated from the rest of the hospital or lab. This is to ensure that no contaminants can be transferred out. Everything must be controlled closely in order to maintain safety. Furthermore, within this area, contaminated and decontaminated items must be stored separately.


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