Rochester Hosts Nation-Famous Music Festivals

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Did you know that, in 2013 alone, a Hollywood crew filmed scenes for the upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in downtown, Rochester’s Oak Hill Country Club welcomed the 95th Professional Golf Association (PGA) tournament, and President Obama dropped into Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe to confer with local students about higher education costs? Rochester got a lot of attention this year, and with good reason. What many do not realize, however, is that Rochester NY offers exciting events all year. What are some of the most popular Rochester sights?

Rochester Music Festivals

Rochester’s nickname – Festival City – is well-deserved. Starting in spring, Rochester hosts a wide array of music and arts festivals. The Rochester Jazz Festival, for instance, is famous nation-wide, and The New York Times recently recognized it as one of the top four musical festivals in the country (alongside New York City, Newport, and San Francisco fests). The most recent Jazz Festival took place in June 2013, welcomed musicians and artists from 17 different nations, and hosted 81 free shows.

Rochester NY
does not, however, restrict itself to music-only festivals. Other popular annual fests include the well-known Lilac Festival, the Big Rib and BBQ Blues Fest, and the Park Ave Summer Art Fest. The Lilac Festival offers attendees food, crafts, live music, homemade wares, and iconic lilac bunches and bouquets.

The Public Market

Just three years ago, in 2010, Rochester’s public market won the title of America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market, with a staggering 2,400 vote lead. The public market welcomes over 250 vendors, selling fresh produce, meats, cheese, dairy products, baked goods, spices, herbs, syrups and honey, flowers, and more. Rochester locals can stop by the market every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, year-round.

Within the past year, Rochester got a lot of national attention. Prospective locals and visitors can stay entertained year-round, with Rochester’s many themed festivals and nation-famous farmer’s market.

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