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Channel 13 rochester

Rochester NY residents who regularly watch TV shows on ABC do not need to change the channel to find quality local news coverage. Channel 13 WHAM has all the information you could possibly need, from weather, school closings, and sports to the top stories, business news, and health updates.

If you want to be able to watch videos about the top stories on demand, Rochester Channel 13 has you covered online. Plenty of archived videos from the 13 WHAM News this morning are made available daily as well.

The Rochester channel 13 website also has several useful blogs, including such topics as Political Pulse with Armstrong Williams, legal news, gardening, and Open Mike Sports. Additionally, if you want more detailed information on news stories and weather reports, the blog section has the pertinent facts you need.

The Channel 13 rochester ny website also contains other local information that other news sites simply do not have. For example, you can check for which businesses have the least expensive gas and where they are located, there is a College Planner section where you can have your pressing questions answered as you prepare for the next step in your education, and you can get updates on incoming and outgoing flights at the local airport.

Sometimes you need more from your news station than just morning, midday, and evening reports. If a strong online component with plenty of original content posted daily is something you look for in a news organization, you need look no further than Rochester NY Channel 13. For more discussion on the station and what it has to offer, share your questions, comments, and tips in the section below.

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