Fixing Damaged Cellphones

Phone battery

If you have recently damaged your smartphone or iphone and not sure where to turn now without spending hundreds of dollars, look no further. There are cell phone repair shops available in various states that will help fix your cracked screen, water damaged cell phone, or dead phone battery problems.

Iphones have been found in a recent study to be the most vulnerable to being broken or shattered. On top of being shattered or cracking the screen, five percent of all iPhone owners have water damaged their phones by putting it through the wash. Americans alone have spent almost 6 billion dollars on iPhone repairs that were knocked off a desk, dropped, or damaged in water somehow. Not only do iPhone owners put their phones through the wash, but sixteen percent of accidents happened while in the bathroom. I think we can all leave it up to our imaginations to assume what happened there to lead to a water damaged cell phone.

While there are home remedies that may possibly work for how to fix a wet cell phone, it is not a guarantee to work. There is the old time rice in a bag trick, to suck out any water or moisture that may be in the phone, but many times this trick is not successful. Most iPhone and cell phone owners are better off bringing their water damaged cell phone to a iphone repair tampa store or cell phone repair shop. While a water damaged cell phone is a huge repair that occurs to cell phones, cracked screens are another huge repair that needs to be handled sometimes. On top of dropping their iPhone, six percent of iPhone owners have damaged their phone by leaving it on top of their car and driving away before remembering it was on there. Instead of risking letting the water soak in even more to the phone by trying a home remedy, take your water damaged cell phone or cracked screen phone to a repair shop for an affordable, reliable fix.

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