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The qualities that salespeople must possess range widely, including communication skills, flexibility, confidence, passion, charisma, and more. When you’re looking to find sales people, you must ask questions that demonstrate the possession of or the willingness to develop these skills. There is a significant amount of turnover in the sales profession, as almost one third of all salespeople have been with their companies for less than a year. Because of this, many companies that want to hire sales people utilize the services of executive recruitment firms. By using a headhunter sales candidates are weeded out if they do not possess some of these qualities or if it seems that they do not have the qualities that the company itself is looking for.

Headhunter sales recruiters have vast experience in interviewing and discerning which candidates are optimal employees, especially for sales and recruiting jobs. Such candidates will convey their ability to communicate, charisma, confidence, and selling ability in their interview. One of the best things for a candidate to do is begin the interview with a warm smile and a handshake, as it will show that you are personable and know how to make people feel at ease. Another great thing to do for an interview is to research the companies, both the headhunter sales recruiting company and the company that is currently hiring, and ensure that you are aware of their product, their reputation, and other important facts. This will show that you have a good memory and will be able to sell the product or service, as well as yourself and the company, in the future.

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