What is a Flow Meter, What Are They Used For, and Which is the Best?

Flow switches

So, what exactly are flow meters and what are they used for?

Well, a flow meter is an instrument used to measure the linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric rate of flow of a liquid or gas. Flow indicators are a highly useful tool for plumbers all over the world. All sight flow indicators, however, are not the same. Selecting the proper flow switches is contingent upon the needs of a specific repair or installation. When purchasing flow meters, you should ask many questions, such as…

1. What liquid or gas is it that I am measuring? Variable area flowmeters make this question a touch less relevant, because of the increased amount of liquids they have the capability of measuring.

2. What is the viscosity of the liquid I am measuring? There are different flow meters made for different viscosity levels.

3. What kind of display will work best for the job? Some flow meters come with an electric display, while others have a local display. The nature of the job will decide which is best based on what physical demands will come with the job.

4. Is the fluid chemically compatible with the flow meter in question? Most flow meters will indicate which fluids they are able to measure.

5. What is the size of the pipe needing measurement? Different flow meters are made for different sized pipes.

As you can see, the questions are quite basic. The most versatile flow meter is the best choice because it limits how many times you will have to purchase different flow meters, and can be more affordable in the long run.

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