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Archive for August 26, 2013

Fixing Damaged Cellphones

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Phone battery

If you have recently damaged your smartphone or iphone and not sure where to turn now without spending hundreds of dollars, look no further. There are cell phone repair shops available in various states that will help fix your cracked screen, water damaged cell phone, or dead phone battery problems.

Iphones have been found in a recent study to be the most vulnerable to being broken or shattered. On top of being shattered or cracking the screen, five percent of all iPhone owners have water damaged their phones by putting it through the wash. Americans alone have spent almost 6 billion dollars on iPhone repairs that were knocked off a desk, dropped, or damaged in water somehow. Not only do iPhone owners put thei

Get Well Balanced Local News That Covers All the Subjects Important to You

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Channel 13 rochester

Rochester NY residents who regularly watch TV shows on ABC do not need to change the channel to find quality local news coverage. Channel 13 WHAM has all the information you could possibly need, from weather, school closings, and sports to the top stories, business news, and health updates.

If you want to be able to watch videos about the top stories on demand, Rochester Channel 13 has you covered online. Plenty of archived videos from the 13 WHAM News this morning are made available daily as well.

The Rochester channel 13 website also has several useful blogs, including such topics as Political Pulse with Armstrong Williams, legal news, gardening, and Open Mike Sports. Additionally, if you want more detailed information on news stories and weather reports, the blog section has the pertinent facts you