Understanding Issues with Admissions and Enrollment Management Software

For most higher education institutions, admissions and enrollment are imperative to the success of a college or university. Both can impact the amount of funding an institution receives, the desire for students to want to attend, as well as the number of programs available. To manage these, most institutions rely on admissions and enrollment management software. However, common issues with admissions and enrollment management software affect their successful integration.

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One common issue with admissions and enrollment management software is the lack of transparency in the process. Students who attempt to enroll often are left unaware of what the next steps are, or face issues when trying to attach all required information and documentation. This confusion often leads to increased calls, emails, and visits to the offices on campus. Understanding how to translate the process to students is vital to the successful use of the software.

Another issue is the lack of singular admission and enrollment management software. Often times colleges will have different software used in different offices. This leads to a failure to properly convey information to other offices and potential applicants. Having a singular software in place makes it easier for all users and administrators.

For additional information about admissions and enrollment management software, please review the attached video.


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