What Does the Leak Detection Process Entail?

In this video, Roger Wakefield is going to teach you how to detect a leak with basic tools and surveying the plumbing with your eyes and nose. Plumbing leak detection is an art as much as it is a science. If you have a leak, you need to be listening to different parts of the system to learn where it is before you can start working on it.

Leak detection companies start by teaching their plumbers how to detect for leaks by listening at three main points: The meter, the hot water heater valve, and the irrigation valve if one exists in the system. If the irrigation system is leaking, the owner should be calling an irrigation company, which specializes in these leaks.

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Once the suspect valve is localized, the next step is to listen to the system and introduce air into it, keeping it at a low pressure to create a boiling noise. Listening to every part of the system will allow you to inform the homeowner where they have a leak.

Once the homeowner is informed, they can get options to repair their home and save money on the repair, because they know exactly where it is.


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