Tips for Choosing Between Senior Living Communities

All senior living communities are not the same. But, according to Chris Strickland in a video from Belmont Village, these tips will help you choose between communities.

Chris suggests touring two or three different facilities. While there, take time to speak not only to staff but also to residents and their families.

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This will give you a better view of the place’s true nature.

Observe the staff and residents. Do they seem happy? What are the residents doing? Are there activities for them to enjoy, or are they just sitting in halls with nothing to do? Does the food look good? Is the menu varied? Do the residents like how it tastes?

Further in the video, family and a spouse of residents say it is a hard decision and that unexpected visits will show you how a loved one is cared for. They also suggest choosing between senior living communities that offer independent living, which transitions into assisted living care when the time comes.

Trust your instincts with senior living communities. If it feels right and has a homey feeling, it’s probably the best for a loved one.


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