Your Checklist for Planning the Best Miami Wedding

Jaimie Wolfer, a successful wedding planner shares her 12-page “Ultimate Wedding Checklist” PDF download for planning the best local wedding in this informative video.

Jaimie explains that the checklist guides you through the tasks required to plan the best local wedding for your special day.

She states some things need to be done at least 6 months early. For instance, you’ll need to choose a venue and location, then talk to vendors, photographers, and florists.

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This way, you can tell them where and when so they can plan and work out their own details in time.

Alerting the wedding party early gives them time to plan finances for any expenses they may have. Plus choosing a wedding dress early gives it time to arrive and have alterations done. Create the original guest list, so there is time to add or narrow the original list before sending invitations.

Jaimie also shares a peek into what signing up for her master wedding plan includes, such as zoom meetings where you can ask her questions directly and a community of other engaged couples planning a wedding on a budget for their own best local wedding.


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