The Benefits of Electronic Locks for Commercial Locksmiths

Electronic locks are locked and unlocked using an electrical current. They replace traditional locks that use keys. The attached video shows the benefits of these locks for commercial locksmiths.

Traditional commercial electronic locks are usually complex and bulky. To fit these locks in a door, quite a few holes need to be drilled in the door.

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New models have since emerged.

The E-Elite 2000 has a push-button keypad that can have up to 100 users. The E-Elite 5000 has a touch keypad with up to 200 users on it. The E-Elite 5000 also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi incorporate RFID card technology. Audit trails can also be carried out with an app. One of the advantages is that both these locks do not require any extra holes to be in the door.

The other benefits are that these locks are easy to use and offer better security. The installation is also easy, and these perks make these locks popular with commercial locksmiths. To get the latest electronic locks, check out your commercial locksmith and, depending on your needs, see what they have to offer.


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