How to Care for Your Dentures

If you recently purchased dentures, and the dentist explained why they were necessary and all the benefits they will give you, you are probably very excited to start this journey. What you may have overlooked and forgotten to talk about, is the proper cleaning and care tactics to keep your dentures in great shape for longer.

This video will give you all the tips and techniques to care for your dentures! You should be cleaning your dentures at least once a day to remove food and plaque. Plaque cannot be rinsed off, it needs to be manually removed by a brush.

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After brushing your dentures, soak them overnight in an antimicrobial solution. Plaque and tartar are hard to see until build-up happens, so be sure to be thorough when brushing them. In the event of tartar build-up, you will need to bring your dentures to your dentist for removal.

Use a soft bristle toothbrush, and avoid regular toothpaste when brushing your dentures. Alternatively, use liquid detergent or mouthwash with your toothbrush. Proper cleaning should take you roughly one minute and should be done gently and diligently. Remember to clean the inside of the denture, just as you clean the teeth themself. Dentures can be delicate, and if you squeeze too hard when cleaning or drop them in the sink, they are at risk of breaking, so always use caution when handling them!


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