What Should You Know Before Your First Braces Appointment?

Braces are used to correct bite issues as well as crooked teeth. There are certain things you should know before your appointment. The attached video gives tips on how to prepare for your braces appointment.

  • Clean Your Teeth

    Get your teeth professionally cleaned before getting braces.

  • Carry Lip Balm

    Carry and apply lip balm as your lips become dry while getting the braces on.

  • Orthodontic Wax

    Braces rub against the inside of your mouth, so applying orthodontic wax in the areas that are sore will relieve the discomfort.

  • Diet Adjustments

    There are some food items that you can’t eat while having braces. A list will be provided by your orthodontist.

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  • Soreness

    There may be soreness and pressure after getting your braces. You can take pain relief medication beforehand. You can also eat before your appointment.

  • Temporary Speech Changes

    You may talk slightly differently after getting your braces. This is temporary.

  • Oral Hygiene

    Cleaning teeth with braces is harder, but oral hygiene must be maintained consistently to avoid stains.

  • Increased Appointments

    Your braces will be adjusted on a regular basis.

This information will help you prepare for your braces appointment and treatment thereafter.


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