The Importance of Yearly Exams With Your Gynecologist

Many people ask the question, “do I still need to see my gynecologist manually even if I am healthy? and the answer is yes! The gynecologist is more than just problem visits, they do many things to ensure you stay healthy. Keep reading to learn the importance of yearly exams with your gynecologist.

One of the most important things your gynecologist will do are pap smears. These are done to prevent cervical cancer.

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While they may not be required every year, there are more exams your gynecologist does annually.

One exam you get annually when you go to the gynecologist is a pelvic exam. These are important are they are done to ensure there are not any abnormalities that could indicate cancer or other problems like polycystic ovarian disease.

They also make sure you are up to date on health maintenance. This includes things like ordering mammograms and routine blood work to ensure you are healthy and stay that way.

To learn more about the importance of yearly exams with your local gynecologist for womens health, watch the video above!


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