How to Pick the Right Size Tank for Residential Propane Delivery

Do you want the convenience of residential propane delivery but are unsure of which product and size to order? Propane, which is also called propane autogas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), is an alternative fuel that burns clean. For decades already, people all over the world have been using this alternative energy source to fuel propane vehicles – from light to medium to heavy-duty.

Propane is a fantastic choice if you need to use spark ignition for your internal combustion engine.

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This is because the fuel has a high octane rating. Even if it gets released or spilled from a propane vehicle, there is little to no threat posed to surface water, soil, or groundwater.

Propane accounts for around 2% of the total energy consumption in the country. This alternative fuel has many primary applications in the home as well, including cooking, clothes drying, BBQ grilling, heating, and food refrigeration.

Are you preparing to host a barbecue party in your home soon but don’t have a propane tank for your grill yet? Watch this informational video where you will discover the different sizes of propane tanks. After watching, you’ll have a better idea of what to order and expect from your residential propane delivery service.

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