The Future of Erosion and Jobsite Perimeter Control

Erosion control is vital in many areas, including farms, construction sites, and residential areas. This video shows the future of erosion and job site perimeter control.

There are several methods that erosion control services use to minimize the erosive forces of wind and water on topsoil. One modern method used is the silt sock technique.

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Unlike other traditional control approaches, this method is effective and very simple. It involves using a perforated tube filled with filter media. Common materials used for the filter media can include wood chips, coco fiber, or sand. They are also made in different sizes, providing the customer with an option to choose one that suits them.

How does a silt sock operate? A silt sock helps to intercept and filter rainwater runoff before it reaches a sewer system. It traps solids and other debris from the water, preventing them from being transported to other places. Silt socks are often utilized in regions where the soil is very erodible, such as steep slopes or areas with significant runoff rates like construction sites. They are very easy to install and require little to no maintenance.


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