How Does My Door Lock Work?

Many people have been accidentally locked in or out of their homes or offices and have no idea how to solve this problem. This video shows the working principle behind a door lock and the different types available today. A door lock consists of several parts. Although locks may differ in structure, some parts are common in all locks. These may include a cylinder, bolt, strike plate, spindle, rotor, spring, and a door knob or handle.

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So, how does a door lock work? When a door locks, the latch gets inside the striking place and out of the lock cylinder. That ensures the door will remain closed until the right key is inserted.
Usually, the key has patterns of ridges that are meant to align with pins and turn the cylinder. The door will only unlock when the key with the right pattern triggers the inside lock mechanism to open.
There are different types of door locks. Some common ones include the security door trident lock, the classroom lockset, the privacy lockset, the passage lockset, and the storeroom lockset. Although they use a similar mechanism to lock and unlock the door, some have unique additional functions.


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