Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Explained

Hydraulic flow testing is part of evaluating water flow to a fire hydrant. This video explains how to test hydrants effectively and prevent water loss.

Fire hydrant flow tests aim to determine what kind of pressure a fire hydrant would provide if it worked correctly. When a fire department tests fire hydrants, they want to see whether the hydrant provides enough flow to put out fires quickly.

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Fire hydrants aren’t designed to last forever. Over time, they become clogged with debris or rust. When this happens, the fire flow rate decreases and the hydrant fails to supply enough water to put out fires. As such, engineers use specialized equipment such as flow testing kits to remedy the problem. The test involves attaching the testing kit to the fire hydrant from a hose and measuring the pressure and flow rate reading using the gauge meter. This is an easy, safe, and accurate method of testing fire hydrants.

It is essential to conduct regular tests to ensure the proper operation of the hydrant system. This way, identifying issues early before they become serious is possible.

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