Replacing a Flat Roof in 5 Steps

When it comes to commercial buildings, most have flat roofs due to their nature. As such, repairs and replacements needed to be conducted by flat roofing experts who are trained in working on these types of roofs. They are quite different from residential roofers who deal with asphalt and other shingle materials.

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In this video, you will learn about the five main steps it takes to replace a flat roof on a commercial building.

The very first step is to complete a full tear-off of the existing roof. The roofers will use different types of tools to pry up every inch of material of the old roof. This will create a clean slate over which they can work and install a brand-new roof. Any rotted plywood under the old roof will also need to be replaced, and with the old roof gone, these spots can be easily found and worked on. The materials that make up the new roof can then be installed. In just three more steps, the commercial building will be totally protected right up on top!


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