How to Remove Bees and Wasps

Having a beehive or a wasps nest around your home could get you into a panicky state, for the fear of getting stung. For effective wasp and bee removal, here are the three best tips.

Keep your escape route planned and ready.

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Bee and wasp removal can get aggressive. They can launch a massive attack on you by stinging you in swarms. The result is painful stings all over your exposed body. Once you sense potential danger, you can quickly make an escape as per your plan.

Use appropriate protective gear. It would be best to wear long, thick pants, tucked into boots, along with long-sleeved clothes and gloves. For your face, eyeglasses or safety goggles and a mask would do good.

Using a pest control product. Treating the nest or hive with a pest control product will stun or kill its inhabitants sufficiently for you to safely remove it. The ideal time to remove it would be between dusk and dawn.

While it isn’t recommended to do the bee and wasp removal by yourself, instead of getting pest control to do it, these are the ways you could go about it.

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