Professional Roofers Are Working At Impossibly Efficient Speeds

This video shows how professional roofers are able to work quickly and effectively. The focus of this roofing video is centered around nailing shingles on the roof. The roofer shows how he lays out all the bundles on the roof where he needs them.

Video Source

He recommends that you do not run while nailing the shingles on the roof, or you will hurt your back. If you nail the shingles in too quickly, you may not have a straight line. Your shingles could look all over the place.

The video shows how the singles are lined up one on top of the other and nailed into place with a nail gun. When you line up the shingles, you move up the roof. You want to make sure you keep the nail gun in your hand and do not put it down between shingles. The job can go faster and be easier if you have help. The video reinforces that the nail flash must be straight and not on an angle. Not only will this help you go faster by protecting the roof when it rains.

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