Janitorial Maintenance Walkthrough Tips

This video shows Steve Hansen, the co-owner of the Janitorial Store, discussing tips for performing a janitorial maintenance walkthrough.

Do your research on the janitorial maintenance company before you meet with them. You want to take a pad and pen with you to write down notes and the answers to all the questions you ask.

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You also want to bring your measuring wheel or laser to measure their floor surfaces. You want to make sure you do not make comments about the current company. You do not want to mention how dirty something is.

Give the prospect all of your attention as you are walking through the facility. You should ask questions about the facility and the work they want you to complete. You want to ask about surfaces or how often they want specific tasks to be completed. Most likely, they will tell you to want they are unhappy about with the current service. If they do not mention that, you can ask what they would change about the current service if they could.

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