An Inside Look at Elevator Service

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Most people don’t think about the inner workings of an elevator. However, companies need to be familiar with proper elevator maintenance and common problems to avoid issues with their business. This video shows how one elevator service tech handles an out-of-service elevator.

When elevators go out of service, business owners need to call elevator service companies to get them back up and running. This repairman works for one of these companies, and he is called to an elevator that has a faulty alarm signal.

The repairman works like a detective, checking individual components of the elevator to see where the issue is originating. Only then can he fix the issue. The electrical system powering the elevator shows an alarm signal that signifies deeper issues.

He checks the load and makes sure that the connected systems are responding correctly. He uses an elevator manual to check how the different systems affect each other. The manual acts as a map to guide him through the elevator.

Once he finds the source of the problem, he can reset the safety system and conduct test runs to make sure the elevator is back to normal. For more information, check out the video above.

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