Things to Look for in a Residential Roofer

Roof installation is a critical task that should be performed by a professional. Prior to hiring a professional to replace your roof, there are a few things you should do. Tony Licari, the District General Manager, discusses factors to consider when hiring a residential roofer on his YouTube channel, “Sears Home Services,” in a video titled “8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Roofing Companies(and What to Expect During Your Roof Installation.”

To choose the appropriate roof type for your house, you must first ascertain your needs and become familiar with all available options. Your chosen roofing company should conduct a site survey in order to provide an accurate estimate for the roofing project.

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When the roofing company is ready to begin, they should assign you a project coordinator who you can contact with any questions about the project.

While performing its services, the roofing company should safeguard your property to avoid damage. The company you select should provide an accurate estimate based on accurate measurements to ensure they deliver the correct shingles for your structure. Following installation, the roofing company should inspect the roof to ensure proper installation.


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